ECRA # 7011148

Why Tamper Proof Receptacles

We were all kids at one time with a imagination to experiment and explore, and electrical receptacles capture our attention.

Unfortunately children have been  proven to try and insert keys, pins and other objects in electrical outlets. This can result in electrical shocks or painful burns which can be traumatic for children.

Based on information by the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP)

• 2/3 of all electrical injuries were sustained by children 5 years of age or less.

• 44.1% of the injuries were due to inserting a conductive item or finger into an electrical outlet.

• 27.5% of those injured by placing a conductive item into an electrical outlet required admission to a hospital.

• It is important to note that 78.9% of the electrical injuries took place in a home.

Protecting our loved ones from injuries is a tamper-resistant receptacle which is designed to prevent contact with live electrical contacts when an object, other than a plug, is inserted into one of the receptacle slots with a built in shutter system.


Its important to note that if your child is enrolled in daycare , regardless of the location , public or private in Ontario Tamper proof receptacles are required by law.


“Protecting what matters Most To You”








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ECRA # 7011148