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Knob & Tube

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As spring approaches our thoughts turn to warmer weather and house maintenance tasks inside and out.

Inspection of your existing electrical system should be part of those plans especially if you are still on a fuse panel or have knob & Tube wiring.


Knob & Tube wiring just does not meet the demands of today’s homeowner and their electrical devices in most cases this wiring is nearing 80 plus years old and if you have a home predating 1950 you should call a professional electrician for an inspection.

We have been in many homes that have had a mop & glow (house flip) and new panel installed with breakers only to find hidden junction boxes in ceiling and attic with the old knob & tube attached as a matter of fact we are just completing one.

This wire can deteriorate over time  as the copper conductor was wrapped with rubber not plastic which exposes the bare copper conductor with the potential of causing any number of electrical incidents including fire.

Is your home insurer aware you have knob & tube? , are you covered fully in the event of an incident?, did you purchase a home  without an electrical inspection? Are you protected against what the previous owner may have done to the electrical system?

Don’t gamble with your investment or your families safety call a licensed professional electrician to access you needs and answer those questions.


I have attached ESA link on Knob & Tube for further info.


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ECRA # 7011148