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Aluminum Wire

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I wanted to take some time and discuss my experience with Aluminum wiring over the past 25 years and have attached an ESA Flash from November 2015 for further info.


Aluminum wire was used extensively in the early 1970’s I even have it our home and when properly cared for it will not cause any issues.  The majority of service calls we receive on this matter has to do with what I call a “burn off”  there has been a surge or a short and because there is a weak point in the circuit it stops there.

The vast majority of these burn offs I have seen never make it back to the breaker or fuse panel which make troubleshooting very interesting.  This can most always be attributed to the fact that an improper connection or device has replaced the original wiring.  I cannot stress this point enough always consult a licensed electrician on these matters You Tube while a great resource is no authority on this matter.  Its heat breaking to attend a call and have to attest later to an Insurance adjuster that the cause of an electrical incident was home owner or handy man related.  In Ontario as a home owner you may still do your own electrical work in your primary residence ( Not a rental) but ensure that you take out an electrical permit for any work done or best yet call a licensed contractor this will save you should any incident happen that could be attributed to electrical as insurance policies may include a clause in regards to permits for any work done in your home.  Why cheap out on your biggest investment not to mention your families safety for a few hundred dollars.


Home improvement stores are a great resource for information, but I have found that many provide homeowners with the wrong material when it concerns aluminum wire devices.  Pig tailing and installation of COL/AR devices are the most common methods of upgrade without a full rewire.

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ECRA # 7011148